How to watch Super Bowl 2024: All your best streaming options

With over 100 channels, YouTube TV offers more of the most popular channels than its competitors. By CNET’s count, out of the top 100 networks, YouTube TV offers the most channels, 78, of any streaming service.

YouTube TV enables you to watch your local ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS, and NBC channels in most areas. That means, of course, you can easily watch the Super Bowl on the service with its lowest-priced plan, the YouTube TV Base Plan, for $72.99 a month. YouTube TV also currently offering this service for $62.99 a month for your initial three months.

YouTube TV also now offers a new feature that could — maybe — make watching the game more enjoyable. All TV broadcasts come with delays between the live action and what you see on your TV. As you may know, live broadcast delays on streaming services are longer than OTA’s delays. They can range from six to 60 seconds. This latency is the result of transmission slowdowns between the cameras and your screen. 

Now, some YouTube TV apps come with the option of reducing this delay, 

The new option is available in the YouTube TV app under the “More” menu “Broadcast Delay.” You can choose between “Default” and “Decrease for 48 hours.” If you choose to decrease, you’ll see the game a few seconds faster. But, Google warns, “The lower the broadcast delay, the less buffer the video player will have. With a lower broadcast delay, you’re more likely to experience playback interruption.”

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That means the game may freeze at times, or you’ll experience choppy video. I fear the big game’s load on the Internet makes it more likely than not that you’ll see a lot of bad playback. The choice is yours. Personally, I plan to try it, because if the video does go south, I can always switch back to Default.  

If you’re a Spanish speaker, you’ll need the $34.99-a-month Spanish Plan to watch the game. You can also subscribe to this plan without getting the YouTube TV Base Plan.

YouTube TV also has unlimited cloud storage, and you get six accounts to share with your household. For this, you’ll pay $54.99 for your first three months and then $64.99 monthly. You can use this service on three screens at once. For Super Bowl watchers, you can also watch the game in 4K, but to get that resolution, you must pay an additional $20 for 4K Plus.

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