Check Out the iPhone’s One-Handed Keyboard. You’ll Thank Us Later

Big iPhones are here to stay. Apple has continued to size up its iconic phone since it launched the first 3.5-inch iPhone in 2007. The iPhone 14 Pro Max spans a whopping 6.7 inches, nearly double that teeny original. Using an iPhone with a sprawling display makes for a solid experience, especially when watching Netflix or reading the news, but large screens have their trade-offs. For one thing, it’s much harder to type on them without using both hands. 

If you’re having trouble typing out your thoughts single-handedly, there’s a one-handed iPhone keyboard you can access quicker than you think. Here’s how to find it. 

How to switch to iPhone’s one-handed keyboard

1. Tap and hold the globe or emoji icon on your keyboard.

2. Tap the left keyboard icon to for left-handed typing or tap the right icon to enable the right-handed one. The middle keyboard, which should already be highlighted, is for the standard keyboard layout. 

3. Your device will stay in one-handed mode unless you change it back.

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