Pixel 8 and Other Google Products We’re Still Waiting For in 2023

Google’s Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Watch 2 are right around the corner. The company teased these new products on its Google Store page, saying that they’re arriving on Oct. 4, although it hasn’t released any other details. 

Google has already had a busy year when it comes to product launches, from the Pixel Fold to the Pixel Tablet and Android 14, all of which were announced at Google I/O in May. The Pixel 8 lineup and Pixel Watch 2 are the last major devices we’re expecting from Google this year, but there are some other product lines and projects that we haven’t heard about in a while. That includes its mixed reality partnership with Samsung and Qualcomm. 

While Google largely laid out the vision for its approach to new products at I/O, its fall Pixel event is where we get a closer look at how the company is executing on that approach through fresh hardware. Here’s a look at what we’ll be watching for based on rumors and the company’s previous product launches. 

The Samsung Gear VR headset pictured above launched 2015. At its Unpacked event, the company announced that it’s partnering with Google and Qualcomm on a new mixed-reality initiative.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Google, Samsung and Qualcomm have teamed up on a new mixed reality platform, as Samsung announced in February. However, we haven’t heard much about it since then. 

“We’re working towards a new generation of computing enabled by immersive experiences across brand new form factors that will further elevate what you can do with Google,” Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s senior vice president of platforms and ecosystems, said on stage at Samsung’s event. 

Neither company has revealed details about the partnership yet, meaning it’s still unclear what types of products will result from the collaboration or what the software will look like. TM Roh, the head of Samsung’s mobile division, described the announcement as a “declarative” moment showing the company’s commitment to building an XR ecosystem when speaking with CNET in February. 

But Sameer Samat, Google’s vice president of product management for Android, said during I/O 2023 that the company will share more about its “immersive XR” partnership later this year. 

New Pixel Buds A-Series


It’s been a while since Google released a new pair of Pixel Buds. If the company does have a new pair of wireless earbuds in its 2023 roadmap, there’s a chance we could hear about them soon enough. Google’s $99 Pixel Buds A-Series are particularly due for a refresh since the company hasn’t released a new version since June 2021, aside from new color options. Amazon  launched a budget-friendly version of its Echo Buds in May that are competitively priced at just $50, giving Google more rivalry in the market for cheaper wireless earbuds space. While we haven’t heard many rumors yet, we’re hoping Google addresses some of our criticisms of the current Pixel Buds A-Series, such as their lack of volume touch controls. 

If the rumors prove accurate and Google maintains its previous product launch patterns, we’ll learn about Google’s answer to the iPhone 15, Galaxy S23 and Apple Watch Series 9 on Oct. 4. Google has stood out in the past for its competitive prices and focus on practical features, like useful call screening and photo editing tools. We’ll soon find out if Google will maintain that approach with the Pixel 8 series.

Article source: https://www.cnet.com/tech/mobile/rumored-google-products-were-still-waiting-to-see-in-2023/#ftag=CADe34d7bf

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